Spine Performance

Comprehensive training

Spine Performance is a coaching company that moves people in diverse ways, both physically and mentally, pushing them as whole persons towards a better and healthier life.

Spine Performance’s services include comprehensive coaching in the areas of competitive cheerleading and acrobatics, as well as various lectures and background training for athletes, guardians and coaches.

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In order for someone to become a good athlete, they also need to focus on their overall wellbeing.

In Spine Performance’s coaching ideology, in addition to sports skills, focus is placed on healthy habits, making the right choices to achieve desired goals, and managing mental stress.

Our services include, for example, Competitive cheerleading and acrobatics training, lectures, and club activity consultation.

Our values

Question everything,
learn something
Decide to take a step
and your body will follow
Quality is not an act,
it is a habit
Mutual earned respect
Set an example, be an inspiration
Nothing is possible without a skilled team

Some of the best coaches in Finland work at Spine Performance, each with their own area of expertise.

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